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Greetings from Mount Kenya

What a week it has been. We arrived in Nairobi on December 30th, 2023. The following day we headed towards Mount Kenya. We will be here at the foothills of Mount Kenya for about 10 more days. Some days we can see the mountain and some days we cannot. It all depends on the cloud coverage.

I have developed a bit of a routine. Every morning Tarli and I go for a little walk. Then Tarli goes for her run and I set up my camera to take some pictures, followed by some yoga. It's nice to have a bit of a routine. Where we are staying is quite nice. We have some nice views of the hills and so far I've seen giraffe and buffalo. We have been to a game drive, but that is another story altogether ... stay tuned! I will leave you with a 25 minute yoga video especially made for you!

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