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Gentle Yoga Using Props

This is a special 20 minute "Gentle" yoga class where I stress the use of blocks and a blanket to make the class as comfortable as possible. A lot more is gained from yoga if the poses are "sustainable". You don't always have to be in a strained or strenuous position in yoga to benefit from it. Use a blanket to cushion your knees and as a pillow when you lie down. Use the blocks for support to maintain a long spine and also under your legs in Savasana to relax the low back. These are just some of the things you can do. There are many more uses of props. I hope you enjoy this video. Consider taking a live class by zoom. I promise, I will always try to make yoga FUN, COMFORTABLE and SUSTAINABLE. It's possible to be challenged and grow in that environment.

Check the link below for the video:

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